If you’ve ever wondered how online slots work and how they’re made, but haven’t had a chance to satisfy your curiosity yet, you’ve come to the right place. Bar slots , online slots , VLTs and slot machines all share the same basic mechanics, albeit with different nuances.

First of all, it must be said that the operation of all types of slots is more or less the same , despite the wide variety of titles available on the market. There are many slots with different settings, rules and animations. In many online casinos you can also try them in demo mode (that is, you can play slots for free), before deciding to invest your money, an essential option to understand how they work.

Having said that, we add one more thing: slots are games based solely on luck: there are no tricks to win in online slots and betting hall slot machines, since all types are regulated by certified software and algorithms.

The strategic decisions that the player can make are quite limited and cannot influence the game much.

What the player can do is choose how much to bet on each spin and how many “lines” to play. The mechanism may seem a bit confusing if you are new to this game, but then you can get familiar with the game and feel comfortable among the symbols of your favorite slots .

Slot machines: what is “behind” them

Online slots are apparently very simple games: you enter the credits, press the spin button, wait for the reels to stop and check if you have achieved a winning combination or not.

But they have a whole job behind them that, along with other details of online gaming platforms, is useful to know in order to get a better idea of ​​how to recognize a safe online casino .

In fact, creating a slot machine is not such an easy process. In fact, the best online slots can take up to a year before being launched by the software houses that collaborate with bwin casino and the other gaming operators.

There are many experts involved in the design and creation of an online slot machine : we are talking about a real team involving designers, developers, mathematicians, configurators and the ever-present project manager, whose job is basically to supervise the activities, trying to keep things on time and on budget.

RNG of online slots

One of the fundamental elements in the development of an online slot is the Random Number Generator (or RNG) , which can be defined as the “brain of the slot”. We are talking about a microprocessor that generates random numbers. In fact, RNG software generates random combinations constantly, regardless of whether a game session is in progress or not. This software also regulates the operation of other types of games, such as online roulette and other table games such as blackjack .

When a player triggers a slot, the RNG kicks in and generates a number that transforms into the symbols visible on the reels. This can be up to 4 billion (!) every second and about 20 “physical stops”.

The so-called cycle of a slot is nothing more than the number of combinations that can be obtained by multiplying the number of its symbols by the number of its reels . You can mistakenly think that there are positive cycles and negative cycles, or if you prefer winning cycles and losing cycles. But do not forget one thing: the RNG does not take into account the previous or next spin of the reels. Each turn is independent. Kind of like roulette, for example.

Actually it has nothing to do with its operation, but to be precise, we have to say that online slots, in order to be offered to players, must first obtain the certification of the DGOJ , like all online casinos in the that are found.

The issue of certification is by no means trivial, and should not be underestimated. In fact, the proper functioning of an online slot cannot do without this aspect, which represents a true guarantee of honesty and security of the platform towards the player.

To put this principle into practice, regular checks are carried out and all online slot software must go through a tight control. Of course, this is based on technology and each slot, or online platform, is managed by a computer that supervises this control.

Volatility in online slots

Online slots, but all slots in general, are usually divided into three main categories:

  • High volatility slot machine
  • medium volatility slot machine
  • low volatility slot machine

High volatility online slots are those where there is a chance of big wins, such as jackpot slots . They are characterized by the presence of wild symbols and multipliers that trigger potentially lucrative bonus features. On the other hand, high volatility slots do not award prizes as often. This means that it may take several spins before a winning combination is achieved.

On the contrary, low volatility slots do not usually have a progressive jackpot and, if they do, it is always a very low jackpot. However, the lack of big jackpots is made up for by a higher frequency of winning combinations, making low volatility slots ideal for those who want to be entertained for a long time.

Lastly, the medium volatility slots are somewhere in the middle: they offer interesting jackpots, but not very high, and although they do not have the same “wide sleeve” as the low volatility slots, they guarantee a higher percentage of winning combinations than the low volatility slots. high volatility.