Blackjack is one of the undisputed icons of the game of chance and has now become a benchmark in digital gaming. The worldwide fame of the game of blackjack has led many players to different interpretations about what are the best strategies to follow to win at blackjack , but in reality, there is no unequivocal answer because it all depends on the player’s strengths.

The debate about blackjack strategies has intensified thanks to the appearance of specialized groups on Facebook and other social networks. These communication channels have replaced the old forums and have become the meeting points for online players.

In this blackjack guide , we will examine the most common mistakes that blackjack players make , uncovering all the false myths and misinformation about this real money game. Fake news is detrimental to communication on the Internet, therefore it is necessary to clarify it and protect our players.

Basic blackjack strategy: these are the mistakes you should avoid

Experience, confidence and security are essential when playing blackjack: delaying our move can be counterproductive! However, it is also true that often, due to haste or lack of structured reasoning, big mistakes are made that will affect the outcome of the game. Psychology and experience are the two key factors in successfully approaching a game of blackjack.

Let’s go into detail and examine three very common mistakes in Blackjack games.

· Deviate from the strategy . This is without a doubt the easiest mistake to make while playing, whether at the online blackjack table or during a live casino game with a real dealer . In this case, blackjack players lured by the prospect of significant wins or losses begin to stray from their strategy, thus wearing down the bankroll and increasing the probability of incurring unforeseen losses.

· Increasing the bet too much when winning . Buoyed by the dealers, by the initial cards, by the desire to win or simply by the dopamine that all games produce, you can suddenly end up increasing your bets, and with considerable amounts. Nothing could be further from the truth: the risk is that you lose big ! You should always evaluate your bankroll and your financial resources to avoid surprises and, above all, to play responsibly.

· Sharply lower your bets when you lose . Unlike the error noted earlier in this guide to betting on online casino blackjack , this appears to be dictated by an excess of caution, and the player’s desire to balance their bankroll. The best strategy, based on our experience in the gaming industry, is still to gradually raise and lower your bets when you win or lose, and avoid sudden changes in the amounts wagered. At the same time, we invite you to consult the tables of basic strategies that you can find on the Internet.

The worst strategy mistakes of a blackjack player

We continue our analysis of the most common mistakes that blackjack players often make by focusing on two of the psychological factors that can most affect the outcome of a game: agitation and anxiety. Safely playing blackjack and any other table game requires serenity, because only then can we make our game decisions carefully.

The most serious mistake that a player can make is, without a doubt, playing without knowing the rules of blackjack : it is a negligence that does not have any positive result, and even less the expected “beginner’s luck”.

There are not many blackjack rules and they are easy to learn, thanks also to the guides on our site – for example ” How to Play Blackjack ” – and a little practice. That is why it is worth researching and learning the most common blackjack dynamics and strategies before trying your luck casually and ending up losing one hand after another and negatively relating one of the most famous card games in the world to the fact that you do not Win one or more games.

For our readers who are fans of land-based casinos throughout Spain, a big mistake is to get carried away by royalties and alcohol . It is essential to always weigh decisions clearly, otherwise blackjack will go from being a form of entertainment to a source of discontent.

It should also be borne in mind that this practice is not common in all casinos, but rather it is a way of building customer loyalty. In any case, playing without the effects of alcohol helps and this advice is also valid for all players who prefer to play online.

Finally, probably the most common mistake made by blackjack players is to blame bad luck . It is true that in all casino games the dominant factor is chance, and online slots are one of the best examples, but it is also important to focus on the positive and fun aspects of the game and enjoy the moments of fun and relaxation that offers, without necessarily having to look for a “culprit” if the hands don’t come out exactly as expected.

Always play according to your economic possibilities and do not overdo it, because the game should only be a hobby.